Inventex Specializes in providing Pre-Form/Pre-Polished Glass, Ceramic, Silicon and Silicon Carbide On Axis and Off Axis Aspheric Mirror, Lens, Correctors and Doublet Precision Blanks for Optical Shops with MRF and ZEEKO ploising machines to accelarate their polising and figuring process.   

Machined Glass, Boston, MACustom Machined Glass, Boston, MAPre-Form Glass, Boston, MA

Custom Machined Glass in Boston, MA

INVENTEX, Inc. provides specialized machining of prototype and production precision machined substrates in glass, ceramics, silicon, silicon carbide, boron carbide, macor, alumina and most other hard to machine materials. Contact us for more on our machined glass in Boston, MA.

Equipment List

We are experts with all of our machinery. Our specialized equipment includes:

• 12" X 30" Machining Center
• 16" X 40" CNC Lathe
• 10" X 24" Hardinge™ Toolroom Lathe
• 20" Air Bearing Rotary Table
• 12" Fourth Axis Fully Programmable Rotary Table
• 36" Grob® Diamond-Blade Band Saw
• Three 10" X 40" Bridgeport® Millers
• 13" Engine Lathe
• MIG Welder
• Titan® Optical Borescope With CCD Camera and Monitor

CAD Systems

With our top-of-the-line computer-aided design and drafting systems, we can deliver the precision quality you need. Our CAD systems include Mastercam® V9.0 Level 3 CAD/CAM system, Cadkey® CAD system, and AutoCAd® CAD system.


Quality is based on customer's design and specifications.